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Pipeline Transportation Systems are recognized as the safest, most cost effective, and reliable means of transporting large volumes of feedstock’s and finished products into and out of chemical production facilities.
Outsourcing a pipeline delivery system to PT provides our clients with the added benefit that they do not have to invest their capital to engineer, construct, and maintain the transportation system.
PT takes on the burden of integrity management, operator qualification, regulatory compliance, and 24 hr. emergency response with highly trained personnel who focus full time on pipeline performance.
PT has experience in the construction of pipelines to carry such unique products as; nitric acid, benzene, anhydrous HCL, caustic soda, methanol, anhydrous ammonia, hydrogen and brines.
PT has a client list that includes; BASF Corp, Huntsman Chemical, Taminco Higher Amines, PCS Nitrogen, Syngenta Crop Protection, Total Petrochemicals and DOW Chemical.
PT will finance, construct, own, and maintain your infrastructure project. We invest the capital in your facility.
PT’s low overhead costs enable our clients to outsource projects or portions of projects which do not meet their internal targets for capital return.
PT enables our clients to dedicate their capital resources to core projects which increase revenue and deliver the highest returns for them.
PT invests in strategic long-term projects which lower transportation costs, increase safety, improve reliability, and build long-term relationships.
PT infrastructure projects are based on long-term transportation agreements with fixed fees which are often at-or-below current transportation cost.
In most cases, once the original term of the contract expires, renewals are at even lower transportation rates which means even greater savings in the future.
When compared to other forms of transportation, pipelines are safer, require less labor, less product handling, reduce costly inventory, and have fewer supply interruptions.
Pipeline transportation is generally not impacted by bad weather, fuel costs, labor disputes, or traffic congestion that could otherwise affect your transportation reliability or cost.
PT personnel manage multiple pipelines and our customers get the benefit of the synergy that comes from specialization.
Our personnel are devoted full time to operation, maintenance, safety, and reporting requirements for pipelines.
Our superintendents are trained and certified to meet operator qualification standards established by state and federal regulations including DOT Drug Testing Requirements.
PT takes on the complicated burden and expense of pipeline regulatory compliance allowing you to concentrate on your core business.
PT manages the integrity management program, public awareness program, and emergency response program mandated by statute.
PT conducts an annual pipeline audit with the Louisiana Office of Pipeline Safety.
Pipelines are proven to be the safest and most reliable means of moving large quantities of chemical feedstock and products.
Pipelines have a low incidence of failure and require less handling which reduces the potential for exposure to employees and the public.
Pipelines are closed and dedicated systems which have a lower potential for contamination and quality variation.
As owner of the off-plant transportation system, PT assumes custody of the product and insures the pipeline and our clients against pollution and liability risks.
PT provides 24 hour a day 7 days a week response to emergency situations.


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